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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finnaly I can move the LEDs…
Here’s the steps.
-Make project on KEIL and BUILD the project so it result ouyput in Example01_LED.bin and Example01_LED.axf
– I chose the *.bin one and type ‘d’ on supervivi (Download & Run)
– move to DNW.exe I set the menu Configuration → Options to Baudrate:115200, COM1, and Download address : 0x30000000
– then still on the DNW.exe, I click the menu USB port → Transmit/Restore → locate the file Example01_LED.bin → and click ‘Open’
– See, on the supervivi Hyperterminal, it will be downloading and then running your binaries..”THE LED IS RUNNING”


Daily Notes:

Saturday, October 29, 2011
I’ve made wrong decision by replacing the supervivi on the NOR Flash with StartOS, the effect is when the board powered on in the NOR switch selected, the Board buzzer was rang once and then nothing happened. So, i made my own summary that there was nothing to do with this StartOS and I want my Supervivi back on the NOR Flash.
Just like the previous steps i run the H-JTAG dan H-JTAG Flasher with the configuration from (“JTAGing the NOR e-book”) but there was error message : Can’t download driver to specified address.
So, I googling on that keywords…. and after nearly 3 hours the problem is solved
by following the solution from this topic of FriendlyARM forum :

Hm.. I was so scare if the NOR can’t be back again with supervivi inside it. Nice experience.